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Apple Trees

All plants must be picked up in person or delivered by nursery staff. We do not mail plants.


GOODLAND: sweet, crisp Canadian variety excellent for eating and sauce –one of our favorites; annual bearer; ripens mid-September; very hardy.

HARALRED: improved Haralson – redder, earlier and sweeter; juicy, tart, firm; stores amazingly well, in fact after five months in our cooler they’re still delicious and crisp; extremely hardy and fireblight resistant; one of the best winter apples for Montana.

HAZEN: summer apple; annual bearer; bears at young age; natural semi-dwarf tree growing to about 10-15'; developed in North Dakota; very hardy; large, dark red fruit.

HONEYCRISP: outstanding new apple that’s sweet, crisp, and juicy; stores well; ripens late September, early October.

McINTOSH: delicious fall apple; annual bearer; an old favorite which is always popular because of its quality fruit.

Apple Orchard

NORLAND: annual bearer from Saskatchewan, Canada; medium size, quality red fruit good for eating or cooking; excellent for higher elevations with short growing season; one of the few that are both hardy and dwarf; ripens in August.

RED BARON: bright red fall apple; excellent for eating or cooking; similar to McIntosh; annual bearer; fireblight resistant.

RED DUCHESS: favorite red summer apple; good for pie and sauce; annual bearer; fireblight resistant; very hardy.

STATE FAIR: summer apple; all-purpose, bright red fruit; juicy; good texture; semi-acid to sweet; excellent choice for higher elevations.

SWEET SIXTEEN: sweet, crisp and juicy dark red fall apple; has unusual aromatic flavor; stores well.

Apple Cider 6WEALTHY: all purpose red apple with fabulous flavor – probably our favorite tasting apple grown in Montana; very hardy; ripens in September; stores well.

YELLOW TRANSPARENT: medium sized, greenish-yellow summer apple – first to ripen; excellent for pies; heavy producer; an old variety that's still in demand.

Questions about purchasing the right trees for your yard or orchard? check out our FAQ's About Apple Trees. 

Want to compare bloom season, ripening dates and which varieties are best for pies, fresh eating and storing? check out our Apple Tree Varieties Chart.

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