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TRUMPET VINE, Atomic Red: large, orange-red trumpet-like flowers bloom all summer; dark, glossy green foliage; vigorous grower excellent for screen or vertical accent; drought tolerant and deer resistant. (20-30')

Jackman Clematis

CLEMATIS: just give them a trellis and these vigorous vines with showy flowers will really go to town; many colors to choose from. (10-15') Varieties include Gypsy Queen (purple), Jackman (purple), Nelly Moser (light pink flower with reddish center), Rouge Cardinal (rich red), and Comtesse de Bouchaud (pink).

3" $13.95
1 gal $18.95
2 gal $28.95


  • Plant clematis in moist, well-drained soil. Add organic matter to hole at time of planting.
  • East facing wall is preferable because it's out of the prevailing wind and provides adequate sunlight.
  • Mulch roots with organic matter. Keep roots moist.
  • Train on a trellis.
  • Fertilize every four weeks May through July.

HONEYSUCKLE, Dropmore: tall-growing climber ready to adorn a trellis, post or whatever with orange-red, trumpet-shaped flowers from June-Dropmore HoneysuckleSeptember. We think it's fabulous and so do hummingbirds; very hardy (10-15').

1 gal $18.95
2 gal $28.95

IVY, Virginia Creeper and Engelman Ivy: rapid growing vines; deep burgundy-red autumn foliage; very hardy; berries loved by birds; Engelman best for covering masonry. (30-40')

1 gal $18.95
2 gal $28.95

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