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Creative Landscaping

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Landscape and Design

Our quality landscape services are available throughout Montana and northern Wyoming.

Creative Landscaping:

For over 40 years Blake Nursery has specialized in quality landscape services that include design, installation, and maintenance. The creative, customized solutions we provide address the specific needs of each client and their site: grading and drainage, hardscaping, irrigation, and plant selection and placement.

Starting with an initial consultation, we are good listeners when it comes to your personal requests, and our goal is to create an appropriate landscape that meets your needs and dreams. Throughout the design and installation process you can count on our continued guidance because nothing pleases us more than satisfied, repeat customers.

No matter the scale of the project, our emphasis is on plant quality and we are proud of our plant-driven reputation. Most important is our deeply felt reverence for native plants, healthy soil, clean air and vibrant waterways of Montana, and many of our projects include restoration of disturbed native landscapes. Here are examples of some of our most recent work.

Design Services:

If you’re in the market for landscape ideas and plans, here are three options for your consideration:

#1 Bring photos and measurements of your landscape project to the nursery and meet with a landscape designer, who will recommend appropriate plants and advise you on placement. Site prep, bed layout, and hardscaping are discussed as needed. The cost for this consultation is $75/hr and average duration is 1-2 hrs. This option is best suited for smaller projects with uncomplicated site conditions.

#2 A landscape designer meets with you at your property to review your project. Recommendations as in Option #1 are provided but with the added benefit of the designer seeing the site firsthand—bed layout and plant placement are more exact, and solutions to difficult site conditions can be discussed in detail. Additionally you are provided with either a Quick Sketch (i.e. a rough plan) or written description of our recommendations. Cost is $95/hr, including travel. On-site/office time is generally 3-4 hrs. This option provides an economical way to obtain professional advice.

#3 A landscape designer meets with you on-site to thoroughly review your landscape project. More time is dedicated to creating a professional, scaled plan that gives detailed information on all aspects of the project. This option is highly recommended for property with complicated site conditions. Cost is $95/hr, which includes travel, on-site consultation, and design work. Determining factors include project size, complexity, and property location.

To submit your consultation request, please fill out the Landscape Questionnaire. We will contact you to schedule a date and time to meet.

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