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Ornamental Grasses

BASIN WILDRYE: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass; mainly clump forming but can spread slowly from rhizomes; does not tolerate drought; great for screening and privacy. (6-8')

BIG BLUESTEM: warm-season, Montana native bunchgrass; large green blades in summer turn coppery-red in winter; ideal for screening. (3-6') see another image

BLUEBUNCH WHEATGRASS: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass; state grass of Montana; tolerates a wide range of soils conditions; provides food and cover for birds and small animals; does not reseed heavily. (1-2')

BLUE FESCUE: cool-season bunchgrass; forms neat mounds of blue foliage; blades turn tan as fall approaches. (1')

Blue GramaBLUE GRAMA: warm-season, Montana native bunchgrass; excellent drought tolerance; distinctive eyebrow shaped seed heads retained through the fall. (8-12") 'Blonde Ambition' is a Blake Nursery favorite.

BLUE OATGRASS: cool-season bunchgrass; excellent accent plant; delicate flowers on long, arching stems in the spring; Blake Nursery favorite. (2-3') see another image

FEATHER REED GRASS, 'Karl Foerster': cool-season bunchgrass with upright growth habit; deep green summer foliage; feathery seed heads turn a light buff color in fall and through the winter; great for screening and privacy. (5-6') see another image [2]

REEDGRASS, 'Avalanche': cool-season ornamental grass with variegated foliage; narrow, upright growth habit. (3-5') 'Overdam' is a similar variety with attractive variegated foliage.

IDAHO FESCUE: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass that is densely tufted; silver to green foliage; prefers dry, well drained sites. (1')

INDIANGRASS: warm-season, Montana native bunchgrass; spreads by rhizomes and can be somewhat aggressive; tolerates slightly moist to dry conditions; a common plant of the tallgrass prairies. (up to 6')

Indian RicegrassINDIAN RICEGRASS: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass with green, wiry leaves; delicate, airy seed heads; found on dry, rocky sites, often found growing with sagebrush. (1-2') see another image

LITTLE BLUESTEM: warm-season, Montana native bunchgrass begins growth in midsummer; summer foliage varies from blue to green; fall/winter color is coppery-red, making it stunning in mass plantings; blooms end of summer and retains seed heads late into the season giving the landscape winter interest; stands up well to snow; provides cover and seeds for birds. (2-3') see another image [2]

PRAIRIE DROPSEED: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass; elegant green blades turn orange in fall and then a light copper color; airy, open seed heads appear in late summer; tolerant of clay soils. (2')

PRAIRIE JUNEGRASS: cool-season, Montana native fine-leaved bunchgrass; green foliage turns tan in late summer and provides winter interest in the garden. (1-2')

 SIDEOATS GRAMA: warm-season, Montana native bunchgrass; flowers are red and attractive "oat" like seed heads are retained into the fall. (1-2') see another image

SWEETGRASS: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass that spreads by rhizomes; found in moist meadows and along riverbanks; sweet, aromatic smell; used ceremonially, smoked or burned as a purifying smudge; also braided and used for basketry. (3')

SWITCHGRASS: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass; broad leaves in shades of green, blue and red; upright growth habit; great for screening or as an accent plant; airy seed heads are tinted pink in color. (4-6') Many varieties available including 'Shenandoah''Northwind', & 'Prairie Fire'

TUFTED HAIRGRASS: cool-season, Montana native bunchgrass; airy seed heads are on long panicles above the bright green foliage; not tolerant of drought; a great grass for stabilization of moist areas. (2') 



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