Spring 2020

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Vegetable and Fruit Plants

ASPARAGUS, Jersey Knight: all male hybrid variety that produces 2-3 times more than older varieties, and with larger and thicker spears.

Grape Vines

RHUBARB, Canada Red: red stalks and flesh; very productive; great source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber; plant 4' apart in fertile, well-drained soil.

Asparagus (bare-root):  
10 for $39
25 for $79
Bare-root $9.25
1 gal $18.95
2 gal $28.95






CHOKECHERRY: lustrous black fruit make excellent jelly, syrup and wine; one of our favorite Montana native plants - beautiful at all times of the year; very hardy.  See another image[2] (see also ShrubsWindbreaks, Shelterbelts and HedgesOde to the Common Chokecherry)

Prices for all fruit bushes:
1 gal $18.95
2 gal $28.95
5 gal $41.95
7 gal $51.95

CURRANT, Golden: black berries are sweet and prolific; very hardy; prefers partial shade - does not like dry, exposed location; another of our favorite Montana native plants - attracts wildlife and also provides much people pleasure; makes excellent jelly. (4-6')see another image; [2]

CURRANT, Red Lake: vigorous grower, produces large, sweet red berries; very hardy and productive; attracts birds - Cedar Waxwings gorge themselves annually on ours; makes fabulous red jelly. (4-6')

ELDERBERRY, Adams: more Vitamin C than orange and grapefruit juice; fruit much larger than wild plants; excellent for wine making; very hardy. (8-10') see another image

GOOSEBERRY, Pixwell: North Dakota variety; very productive with pale green fruit turning pink when ripe; few thorns; berries great for pies, preserves, jams and jellies.

GRAPE, Valiant: makes good jelly and juice; hardiest for our area; skin does not adhere to the flesh; improved quality over Beta, the old standard for hardiness.

SERVICEBERRY, Regent, Juneberry: top quality fruit, similar to blueberries; sweet enough to eat fresh and also good for jams and pies. (4-6') see another image (see also Appealing Amelanchiers)

2 yr. Bare-root Raspberry transplants
5 for $35
10 for $59
20 for $99
Bare-root Strawberry plants:
10 for $17
25 for $35
50 for $59

RED RASPBERRY, Boyne: a so-called "spring-bearing" fruit that is ready to pick in mid-summer; cut back just old canes in winter and leave new ones since they will bear next year's fruit; developed in Canada for excellent quality and cold-hardiness; shorter canes need no staking; berries medium size and sweet; plant in well-drained fertile loam soil with ample irrigation; protect against winter winds. see another image

StrawberriesSTRAWBERRY, Everbearing Ft. Laramie: cold hardy and dependable for Montana conditions; sweet, delicious and abundant fruit.


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